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灰熊橱柜 Opens With Supp要么t from Stop & Shop


纽约理工大学的食品储藏室中, 灰熊橱柜, opened earlier this month as an inclusive, welcoming, and confidential resource to students enrolled at the Long Island and New York City campuses. Supporting the goal to offer free, wholesome, and healthy nonperishable food items is a generous donation from Stop & Shop, which has a longstanding history of giving back to the neighborhoods it serves with a focus on fighting hunger. Stop & Shop has donated $10,000 in gift cards to New Y要么k Tech to purchase food items to stock pantry shelves.

篦条筛柜子的部分 熊字节 initiative, which provides students with food as well as health and wellness resources and information. 熊字节 is a collaborative effort among partners like Stop & Shop and internal resources, including Campus Dining, NYIT School of 管理 学生 Advis要么y Board, and a committee whose members include nutrition experts from NYIT School of 卫生专业, among others. (见附会员名单).


  • Tiffani Blake, Assistant Provost f要么 学生 Engagement & Development
  • Tiffany Ciprian, Associate Director of Counseling & Wellness, New Y要么k City Campus
  • 帕特里夏·杜兰,高级主管,学生帐户
  • 凯利 - 安弗朗西斯,学生支持专家,纽约市校园
  • 维多利亚希腊,每年的捐赠,发展和校友关系总监
  • 柯以敏哈尔,院长助理和椅子,跨学科的健康科学,卫生专业学校
  • 金斯利麦克纳尔蒂,规划协调,学生的参与,纽约市校园
  • 洛林mongiello,卫生专业的副教授,学科健康科学和临床营养学
  • zennabelle休厄尔,学生学院副院长,纽约市校园
  • 克拉丽莎shenocker,学生支持专家,长岛校区

“We are grateful to Stop & Shop for its partnership and sense of community, as it will require a collaborative eff要么t to help address the societal need and resolve the problem of food insecurity,” said 凡尼布雷克,M.S.,教育硕士助理教务长为学生参与和发展,并承担字节的原动力。

而对于灰熊橱柜的计划是在发展的基础上 研究 在covid-19大流行,布雷克指出,推出熊字节,食品储藏室,现在更重要的是比以往任何时候进行。 “健康的生活方式,包括获得食物和健康的教育资源在自由耻辱的环境中,是必不可少的学生达到他们的最高的个人和学术潜力,”她说。

“Stop & Shop is proud to support the efforts of New York Institute of Technology. No student should have to choose between food and an education,” said Stefanie Shuman, community relations manager for Stop & Shop. “Some college students are worried about where their next meal will come from, and we want to help them instead to be able to focus on learning. This food pantry will allow New Y要么k Tech to help students succeed in the classroom.”

Stop & Shop in Greenvale, N.Y., less than one mile from New York Tech’s Long Island campus, is where Blake and her team will purchase food pantry items. New York Tech can reapply f要么 an additional in-kind donation annually, as needed.